Letter to the Editor: Memories of Bate Island

Dear Editor,

It was so nice to see the article in the May edition about Bate Island. It brought back such warm memories.

April 25th 2018, was a beautiful spring day.  My husband Bob, I, and our 22-year-old grandson Alexander, who is recovering from heart surgery and staying with us while he recuperates, went for a drive to Bates Island.  While we were there I showed Alexander the exact spot overlooking the west end of the island where, on September 26, 1955, his Papa asked me to be his special girl – in those days we called it “going steady.”

Violet and Bob Lowe at Bate Island. Photo by Andrea Tomkins

On April 20thof this year we celebrated our 61stwedding anniversary.  Many times, in the early days of our marriage, when we celebrated an anniversary we would go to the restaurant on Bate Island. It is one place we have always missed.

Thank you Dave for your well-written article.

Violet Lowe,
Wesley Avenue


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