Sponsored: Reiki Wanderlust Centre offers a path to true and lasting healing

As interest in integrative healing grows, so too is the understanding of the benefits of holistic Reiki treatments, either alone or as a complement to other services. Westboro’s Germaine de Peralta of Reiki Wanderlust is an experienced Reiki practitioner and teacher who has witnessed many miraculous transformations through the power of Reiki.

“My specialty with Reiki is healing relationship stress – both personal and professional – which can manifest itself in different ways including intense psychological or physiological discomfort,” says Germaine. “Rather than treating the symptoms, energy healing like Reiki can help determine the root cause and set you on the path to true and lasting healing.”

Reiki is a Japanese technique administered by ‘laying on hands,’ the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us. If this energy is low we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. Raising the energy makes us more capable of being happy and healthy.

“Scientific studies have proven that Reiki is very good for managing stress, encouraging deep relaxation and creating a sense of genuine peace,” she adds. “It is an excellent modality for healing chronic illness, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, addiction and insomnia and has been proven to increase energy levels and accelerate self-healing mechanisms. It is very effective for people undergoing radiation treatment for cancer, which is why many hospitals now hire Reiki practitioners.”

Having healed herself through Reiki, Germaine set up her practice in Westboro as she recognized it is a community that is very concerned about health and wellness. “What I do is complementary to the work of other practitioners, be they psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors or massage therapists.”

Accredited through the Canadian Reiki Association and the International Center for Reiki Training, Germaine explains that her non-invasive, gentle treatments are appropriate for everyone from children through to the elderly. “While I do see some clients on a regular basis for ongoing support, most people with a specific issue only need a few treatments to gain clarity and then take steps towards dramatic improvement in their lives. It is those transformations that bring me so much joy.”

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