Musical comedy about a ghoulish family comes to Nepean HS

By Claire Keenan – 

 A wacky family, with personalities filled to the brim with dark humour, has to host a dinner that changes their lives forever. A dramatic tale of two families brought together by love (with a little help from their ancestors) will grace the stage at Nepean High School May 2-4.

The preparation for the musical, The Addams Family started in September 2017. The drama production class, commonly known as “Prod,” has been making the sets, costumes, and props, since February.

Advertising the show is the responsibility of  the “Front of House.” Chiara Bagnoli, head of Front of House, has advertised the show to students and the wider public. Posters in school and with local businesses, bulletin boards, a Facebook event page, and a large billboard outside the school to advertise to passersby are just some of the ways they’re trying to reach out to the community.

Nepean High School students Megan Clark, Tess Martin, and Clara Austrins during rehearsals for The Addams Family musical.
Nepean High School students Megan Clark, Tess Martin, and Clara Austrins during rehearsals for The Addams Family musical.

Rehearsals happen every day before school, at lunch, after school, and on Saturdays. With cues, choreography, and memorizing lines, the chorus and cast work together to get comfortable with every scene. Cameron Jaimet, who plays Gomez Addams, explains how he’s getting into his role as Wednesday’s father: “Acting is really hard when you don’t understand why you’re trying to feel the way you’re trying to feel,” he says. “But it’s really fun and it’s really easy when you understand exactly why you’re trying to feel the way you feel. And so with Gomez, he is really emotional and excited and I’m trying to be more like that and that’s actually helping me a lot.”

Working behind the scenes is just as important as being on stage. Cameron is also one of the students responsible for set design. They’ve been working hard to convey the creepy aesthetic of the Addams’ home. Teamwork is important in Prod – and the groups work well together thanks to two teacher-directors, Ms. Coltman and Mr. Kanter –but when it’s showtime it’s the Stage Managers who are in charge. Stage Managers call the cues for the show, help with set changes, and give reminders to the actors. Zineb Nour, head Stage Manager, says it’s a difficult job, but that the cast is hard working. “It’s very difficult to tell my friends, my equals, what to do. But I like having the responsibility and the cast is so great to work with,” says Zineb.

Tickets are on sale at NHS every day at lunch in the main hall right up until the last show date and online for $16 at Tickets purchased in advance, in person, are $15. Tickets are $20 at the door.

Claire Keenan is a grade 12 student at Nepean High School.

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