HOK #81: Carol Hicks

Meet Carol Hicks.

 “I was born in Ottawa and grew up in Sandy Hill. It was far to move this way back then as we moved here to Hintonburg in 1977. At the time, the houses weren’t expensive. I love this area because it’s so homey, it’s like a little village and everything is close; schools are close, stores are close. We go out to different restaurants to eat, our bank is close so we can walk, and that’s what is really nice here you can walk everywhere and you don’t have to drive if you don’t want to.

“I have a small pond in the backyard and it’s all gardens and pathways. I’ve been on a couple of garden tours. There’s a big water garden tour in June that they do for charity and I’ve been on the tour a couple of times.

“I’ve done a lot of travelling and one of my favourite places has been Newfoundland. It is the most beautiful spot. The people are relaxed and the scenery is beautiful. It’s back in the times and even their big city isn’t as big and their airport is smaller than ours. I’ve also been to China and I didn’t prefer the food. They eat breakfast, lunch and dinner the same and there isn’t much variety. We preferred the southern part of China. Bejing is all concrete. Guilin was just magical. The rice fields and the tea fields. Someday, I’d like to travel to western Canada and see the Rockies.” Collected by Ellen Bond

Humans of Kitchissippi is a special street photography project designed to introduce readers to some of the people who live, work, and play in Kitchissippi. Each instalment of HOK contains three elements: a photo, a name, and a quote from the subject that reveals a little bit about who they are. View our collection of humans right here.

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