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Luciano Sicoli loves his customers, but his hope is that he only has to see them once. At L.A. Sicoli Masonry and Restoration, a job well done means that the property owners are guaranteed the work will last for years to come.

“If I want to be ethical, you pay me once, the job is done properly and you never have to see my face again,” says Luciano. Unlike some restoration work, which is focused on cosmetic touch-ups, Luciano’s goal is to maintain the integrity and strength of a home.

Luciano with his teacher, his father, Antonio Sicoli.

He certainly learned his skills from the best. Training under his father and two uncles, Luciano comes from a line of bricklayers and stone masons who all have a reputation in the city for elite Italian craftsmanship.

“You can appreciate from that level of craftsmanship, you can never finish learning,” explains Luciano. He says that even at 81-years-old, his father continues to come out to jobs to supervise and lend a hand.

In an area such as Kitchissippi, Luciano sees a growing need for superior skills, in order to restore older homes and “make the new look old.” Many Victorian-era homes require brick work, and often a grey-coloured mortar is used in between the new bricks. According to Luciano, selecting the proper colour of mortar (a reddish colour was generally used in the past) will blend in perfectly with the original work and is much more visually appealing.

In addition to brick work, Luciano’s company offers chimney repair, parging for houses, window sill repair, leveling interlock, and other custom stone work. He receives many calls from real estate agents or homeowners who are looking to have issues fixed so that a property will pass inspection.

“The part that really matters a lot to me is to provide my clients with a proper education – the materials that need to be used, and the cost of those materials,” says Luciano. By placing the needs of his customers first, Luciano knows he’s building a solid foundation of trust that guarantees satisfaction with the final result.

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