Letter to the Editor: Owning up

Dear Editor,

The other day someone parked right across my laneway. The laneway was plowed and there was a car in it. I called 311. Bylaw came and gave a ticket. I wrote a note across the windshield saying how annoyed I was, in fact I was angry as it meant I could not take my car out.

The owner was parked there at least 1.5 hours, probably more. Good news. I got a letter in the mail with a gift card to Tim Horton’s: “I would like to apologize for blocking your laneway last Monday. It was indeed a stupid mistake on my part. My head was just somewhere else that evening and I did not notice. Your note was well-deserved. I would have done the same. Please accept this gift from Tim’s, sorry for inconveniencing you.”

It felt really affirming for me to know that there are nice people in the world who take ownership of their mistakes.

Tassy Kingsley,
Wellington Village

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