A popular alternative to traditional schooling

The increasing interest in Montessori education is due in large part to its child-centred approach which helps young learners develop both self-confidence and a foundation for skills development. For over 50 years, OMS Montessori has been a popular choice for families seeking a proven, independent alternative to traditional schooling.

“Montessori education serves the whole child,” explains Head of Schools, Gregory Dixon. “Our focus is on an educational experience designed to inspire students to discover the best of who they are, while reaching to achieve their potential. We are one of only three accredited Montessori schools in the Ottawa area and we offer a welcoming, enriching environment for children starting at 18 months. We have expanded to include a high school program, The Element High School at Lansdowne Park, where students benefit from the same rigorous academic standards and emphasis on building independence and self-esteem while fostering a genuine love of learning.”

OMS Montessori’s centrally located main campus includes a 44,800-square foot facility on 3 acres with a full gymnasium, gardens, computer programming lab and more. All children between 18 months and five receive a Whole Foods lunch. Then, it becomes optional and available to our elementary students three days per week. In this capacity, they also have a home-made lunch twice per week for a balance.

Double the ministry-mandated amount of French instruction, music, plenty of active play and specialized art instruction. Before and after school care is available onsite, as are extracurricular music lessons and clubs including horseback riding, swimming, and cooking in French, allowing families to spend more quality time with each other at night.

“Another key tenet of the Montessori program is mentoring,” says Greg.  “Due to our three-year age groupings in each classroom, once students have mastered a new skill, they naturally want to teach it to younger students, building confidence and communication skills. We see great relationships developed through mentoring.”

“Many families feel one of the greatest benefits of a Montessori education is the fact that we do not assign homework,” notes Greg. “All schoolwork is completed during the school day; we believe it is one of the reasons – in conjunction with the high calibre of instruction and the overall atmosphere of the school – we enjoy a healthy student retention rate.“

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