East meets West, with Reiki


East Wind has recently joined forces with Reiki Master/Teacher, Germaine De Peralta, to offer on-site Reiki and Crystal Healing energy therapy.

Germaine also has her own private practice, Reiki Wanderlust, which provides a variety of healing energy therapies, as well as workshops and tutorials.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing at deeper emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. It is administered by “laying on of hands” on the client’s body and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and causes us to be alive.

If one’s life force energy is low, one is more likely to feel stressed, negative, or get sick. Reiki can correct imbalances in our energy field by breaking apart negative blockages that come from states such as anxiety, stress, physical illness, depression, anger, fear and the like. Reiki replaces this negative feeling with positive energy so that we are able to feel happy, healthy and peaceful.

East finally meets west in Westboro through Reiki, a Japanese healing art now offered at the classy oriental boutique, East Wind on Richmond Road.
East finally meets West in Westboro through Reiki, a Japanese healing art now offered at the classy oriental boutique, East Wind on Richmond Road.

Germaine stumbled across Reiki years ago after seeing a psychologist for a particular issue but was not making any headway. “I felt stuck in a place where I could not move forward with my life due to a traumatic event. My therapist and I were just going around in circles.”

Serendipitously, she walked into a shop and tried three consecutive Reiki treatments and unearthed the root of her issue. She was impressed with Reiki’s effectiveness and decided to learn Reiki to heal herself. Through self-healing, her 10-year long issue was resolved within a year and she was able to move her life forward in a positive direction.

Reiki has many other benefits aside from deep relaxation that promotes inner peace, harmony, joy and love. For example, it clears and balances the body’s chakras, the body’s energy centres, making one feel fresh and new overall. It helps with emotional stability and mental clarity and focus. Reiki can also help reduce pain and balance moods. It can lower blood pressure, help with insomnia and other ailments.

Germaine’s Reiki sessions are somewhat unique in that she strengthens them by incorporating Crystal Healing and Relational Clearing. Crystals bring in the grounding and nurturing energies of the earth and Relational Clearing shifts away negative emotions, heaviness in relationships and limiting patterns or beliefs.

First-time client, Diane Johnston said, “It was awesome. I was going through a grieving process due to a job loss and unhealthy parents and was feeling abandoned. During Germaine’s Reiki session, I could feel my grandparents’ and husband’s love coming through my heart. I felt more peaceful and really good.”

Reiki is also an excellent complement to traditional medical treatment. “Germaine gave me Reiki sessions after (radiation therapy), which brought me comfort and peace of mind and I believe healing as well. She did it with knowledge and understanding of my needs,” said Jean-Yves L., a cancer survivor. “I would not hesitate to recommend Germaine to anyone.”

A member of the Canadian Reiki Association, Germaine has become certified in traditional Usui-Tibetan Reiki, Holographic-Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal Healing and Relational Clearing. She also holds Reiki I and 2 workshops.

Germaine holds degrees in Psychology, Journalism, Technical Writing and is now completing her Masters in Education.

Her services complement East Wind’s specialty services of Feng Shui, the ancient art of creating harmonious home and office spaces. She also has her own private practice.

For more information see eastwindottawa.ca/reiki-services-new.
To contact by phone, call 613-697-3105 (cell) or through East Wind at 613-729-9191.
Email: Reiki.Wanderlust@gmail.com

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