Going to the dogs, and cats, and other critters

Not many businesses can say they’ve been around for 30 years in this age of big box stores and unrelenting commercial competition.

But then Critter Jungle isn’t just any business. And there is good reason why this Ottawa family-run pet store at Hampton Park Plaza continues to thrive, so much so that just last fall it opened a second location in Orleans.

The true winners in this equation are the animals – those pets whose owners recognize that Critter Jungle staff want for the customer pet, what they would want for their own pet. That means they carry a unique mix of products, including different brands of dry food, raw pet food and dehydrated and freeze dried options. If pet food doesn’t meet the high standards set by the Critter Jungle staff, you won’t find it there.

“If we won’t feed it to our own pets, then we won’t carry it for our customers’ pets,” says owner Kelvin Stanke.

Critter Jungle

When you walk in the door of Critter Jungle, you can find a staff member who can assist you with almost any pet problem. Kelvin’s own family and many staff – including business partner Jeff Stanke – have been here for years and most have an area of expertise, whether reptile, fish, birds, dogs, cats or in the area of pet nutrition.

“To us, it’s all about the customer and solving their problems,” says Kelvin. “That’s where we can make a difference.”

That also means making a difference for animals in Ottawa who need a second chance. Critter Jungle is not only a great pet store, but a passionate supporter of animal rescue. Kelvin himself has a range of animals at home too long and numerous to list and it’s this compassion for helpless pets which permeates the store’s philosophy, providing space for rescue animals, and generously helping to raise money for the less fortunate furry (and sometimes not so furry) set with various fundraisers.

At Critter Jungle, it’s about commitment to neighbourhood, commitment to top quality, commitment to customers, commitment to competitive prices. The bottom line is that this store will help you keep some of your most loved family members happy and healthy, with a personal touch that can’t be found elsewhere.

Critter Jungle
1405 Carling Ave.

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