Letter to the Editor: Looking for a good Samaritan

On Wednesday, March 15 at about 5:30 p.m., my dog Harrison was accidentally hit by a car on Fairmont Avenue. In what is a little miracle for a small dog who had a car roll over his hindquarters, Harrison is okay. Badly bruised but astonishingly, no broken bones, no apparent internal injuries. So a happy sort of ending to a terrible event. But it might not have been. A young man in a black truck saw the accident and immediately stopped. He offered us a ride to the Centretown Vet. Harrison was going into shock and I took his offer and jumped in.

Thanks to this stranger, Harry was in the emergency room in under 10 minutes and getting the care he needed. In the stress of the moment, I never got the man’s name or number – Harrison was not the only one in shock! I wish I could tell the nameless good Samaritan in the black truck who helped us out that Harrison is okay and thank him for the help. He can contact me at 819-319-2665 or via email at terry.kuny@gmail.com. I would love to buy him a beer – or six – and let him see Harry in a better state than his first meeting!

Terry Kuny
Civic Hospital

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