Letter to the Editor: About that Westboro rifle club  

Robert Morgan and Mary Scrivener Morgan. The couple was married for 65 years. Mary passed away in August 1995.

Dear Editor,

My mom, Mavis Morgan, just called me to tell about the article she had just read in your paper: “Ready, Aim, Fire” (February 16 issue).  My mother was so excited to share this article with me. She was thrilled to learn about some family history. You see, Mary Scrivener Morgan is my paternal grandmother! Nanny Morgan was always a fun-loving lady full of class and charm, but I had no idea Nanny had an interest in firearms! Her second son Ernie (my father) was an avid hunter. Many of her grandsons and granddaughters share the interest and skill of shooting. Strangely, we had no idea of Nanny’s interest until this article was shared! I thank you so much for this article. After my phone conversation with my Mom I shared this article via Facebook and tagged many family members. We are all so surprised and happy with this new memory that you have provided us!  Thank you so much again for sharing some of our family history with us. :)

Dale Morgan-Horner
Shawville, Quebec


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