HOK #55: Elizabeth MacKenzie


Meet Elizabeth MacKenzie.

“I was born in Ottawa and I grew up in Chelsea, Quebec. I like the niche little shops here and that it’s a nice, quaint area. You have the river that is super close, you have access to bike paths and trails. You’re kind of in the centre between the west and the downtown, and it’s far enough from downtown that you can find cute little restaurants and hang outs like Pure Yoga. I always hang out there.

“In 2017, I’m totally looking forward to them bringing the Grey Cup here. I want to buy tickets for that. I’m also looking forward to Fury games, the Yoga Festival that will be happening in Ottawa, lots of fireworks, the Junos that are coming here. I’m also really excited about Red Bull Crash. I’ve been seeing them build it and it looks really cool.

“A friend of mine and I are starting a ‘November Project’ tribe here in Ottawa. It’s a free workout for anyone of any fitness level. It happens from 6:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. and we have them at the Arboretum and on Parliament Hill. You can find us on Facebook at ‘Work it YOW.’” Collected by Ellen Bond

Humans of Kitchissippi is a special street photography project designed to introduce readers to some of the people who live, work, and play in Kitchissippi. Each instalment of HOK contains three elements: a photo, a name, and a quote from the subject that reveals a little bit about who they are. View our collection of humans right here.

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