A seamless transition for Fabrications

By Andrea Tomkins – 

It’s shaping up to be an exciting year for the new owners of Fabrications, a local fabric shop and sewing studio. The mother-daughter team of Catherine Fournier and Faustina Konkal promise the shop will remain a cheery workspace and a destination for unique fabrics and notions. They are, however, introducing a few changes.

First opened by Carrie Alexander and Curtis Blondin in 2012, Fabrications quickly gained a reputation across Ottawa as a top destination for specialty fabrics.

“We recognize that this is a really special place, and this has a special place in the sewing community of Ottawa. We certainly want to maintain that,” says Catherine. “We’re not going to change the style [of the shop], we want to enhance and expand it.”

Faustina Konkal and Catherine Fournier are the new owners of Fabrications. Photo by Ellen Bond
Faustina Konkal and Catherine Fournier are the new owners of Fabrications. Photo by Ellen Bond

First on their list: boosting the variety of fabrics and freshening up the class roster with more daytime sewing lessons, including classes focused on sewing for children.

“We’re especially thinking about moms on mat leave, because that’s the time a lot of people pick up sewing again,” says Faustina, who first learned to sew in her seventh grade home economics class and picked it up again after her first child was born.

Another special focus at Fabrications: independent pattern designers.

“We don’t carry the big four pattern designers you’re going to find at Fabricland,” says Faustina. She’s been watching the pattern design industry change over the last decade and is thrilled with what she sees.

“A lot of those people are operating, thriving independent design companies who started as bloggers when their kids were napping,” she says. “So for me it’s been really interesting to see that whole industry grow. It’s the ultimate DIY. It’s DIY about DIY.”

Possibly the biggest overhaul at Fabrications is coming to the website. “We’re going to be completely renovating the online store,” says Catherine.

“We want to get all of the stock online, because we recognize that, even for local customers, it’s important for them to see what’s available before they come here,” adds Faustina, who points out that Canada, in general, is underserved in the specialty fabric market.

Fabrications is located at 1018 Wellington St. W. You can also find the shop online at fabricationsottawa.com.


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