HOK #52: Caroline Croft


Meet Caroline Croft.

“I was born and grew up in Sudbury and Ottawa was a perfect choice for my husband and I. He’s from Toronto, so this is a happy medium; just big enough for him and small enough for me.

“We have lived in Ottawa for 10 years and have lived in Hintonburg for the last four. I like that Hintonburg has easy access to everything. It’s a really vibrant community as well and there’s a friendliness in that community that you don’t find in other ones quite as much.

“We are participating in a community-centred engagement event. I think of it as rogue, under the radar… we have decided to undertake a community beautification event. It’s still in the works and not finalized yet but it’s a really exciting project. I don’t want to say too much, but it may involve some painting.

“I always look forward to the annual community events like the Hintonburg Happening and pop up shops for some of the local artists, especially Andrew King and Alison Fowler. We try and go to everything they do.” Collected by Ellen Bond

Humans of Kitchissippi is a special street photography project designed to introduce readers to some of the people who live, work, and play in Kitchissippi. Each instalment of HOK contains three elements: a photo, a name, and a quote from the subject that reveals a little bit about who they are. View our collection of humans right here.

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