Sponsored: Gilligallou Bird is a haven for urban birders

Our region is blessed with abundant greenspace, offering myriad opportunities to enjoy the natural world. One of the most heartwarming outdoor activities in which both young and old can participate is birdwatching. Now, it’s easier than ever to make your backyard a year-round oasis for birds thanks to the new Gilligallou Bird store on Preston Street.


Known as Eastern Ontario’s backyard birding specialty store, Gilligallou opened their first shop in Almonte five years ago with a mission to enhance people’s birding experience with quality seed, expert resources and friendly service. Each of their 100% seed blends is built based on the study of birds, is non-GMO, comes in a biodegradable bag and has been formulated with the finest ingredients to help both year round birds as well as migratory birds. Their seed is designed to perform at the feeder as birds tend to return to a reliable food source and quality seed offers the most consistent, dependable source.

Owners Bob Volks and Louise Beckinsale eagerly share their enthusiasm for and knowledge of birds with everyone from novice to experienced birders. Through an informative blog on their website, as well as seminars, e-books and engaging YouTube videos, they offer a wealth of support for anyone wishing to become a birding enthusiast.

Gilligallou is a veritable treasure trove of squirrel solutions, feeders, birdhouses, windchimes, books, giftware and so much more; it’s an ideal destination for nature lovers. Bob and Louise are experts at habitat creation, to make both urban and rural yards more appealing to birds through appropriate plant, tree and shrub choices.

“We opened our second shop on Preston Street because so many customers were coming to us from urban neighbourhoods across Ottawa and Gatineau,” says Bob. “We wanted to make Gilligallou as conveniently accessible as possible. And as we like to say, Cardinals are red, Blue Jays are blue and all the best seed comes from Gilligallou.”

“The Kitchissippi area is an ideal, central location,” adds Louise. “We’ve been made to feel so welcome here and are really enjoying the opportunity to serve some of our longtime customers and become friends with new ones.”

Gilligallou Bird
160 Preston Street
Ph |  613.695.7333

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