Sponsored: Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. offers holistic approach to clients

Financial preparedness is not just about saving a little extra for a rainy day. In fact, a well-executed financial strategy should actually be focused on wealth accumulation, to give you the ability to enjoy the people, places and activities that matter most to you. The team at the Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. (“DFS Investments”) Ottawa Branch, located in Kitchissippi, has a unique, holistic approach to wealth accumulation and protection that has helped thousands of families achieve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can enjoy life without worrying so much about money.


Much as you wouldn’t set out on a long road trip without looking at maps, so too is proper planning essential for keeping your life on the right financial track. DFS Investments is part of Desjardins Group, the sixth largest financial institution in Canada. Desjardins Group is internationally recognized for its financial stability and a capitalization ratio rated among the best in the country. But it’s not their track record that matters most – it’s that of our clients.

“One of the most gratifying aspects of almost twenty years as a financial advisor has been the opportunity to work with successive generations in a family,” says DFS Investments’ Steve Boyce, Vice President, Ottawa Branch and Financial Advisor. “It happens quite often that a client trusts us enough to recommend us to their friends and family, and each time we are very honoured.”

“It becomes a true partnership as we work alongside families as they proceed through different phases of life,” adds Steve. “We often start planning as couples are settling into their careers, then kids come along and they want to save for their future education. Next comes estate planning and even RESPs for grandchildren. Here at DFS Investments, we have the strategies and tools to help add value to your portfolio over the short, medium and long term.”

Steve notes that one of the key things that sets his branch apart is that they are salary-based employees. “Because we are not commission-driven, we only give unbiased advice based on what is best for each individual client. Before recommending products, we look at what suits the client best and come up with a well-rounded, balanced solution that is also the most affordable. We have no conflicts of interest, and little incentive to recommend one product over another. Unlike some other firms, we can come up with a blend of proprietary and third party solutions because we have access to an extremely broad range of product carriers.”

Another hallmark of their approach is their commitment to being extremely fee conscious. “We have developed strategies to try to minimize the fees our clients pay, through consolidation and other means,” says Steve. “This goes hand in hand with our emphasis on planning for today and tomorrow simultaneously. You want to maintain a reasonable cash flow in the present so you can enjoy your lifestyle in the short term, balanced against planning for the future, including both investments and insurance.”

Their holistic approach comes complete with a healthy dose of education, which Steve says is essential to helping clients make the best decisions possible. “We specialize in taking the time to help people understand the many options and solutions out there, such as the pros and cons of variable versus fixed rates and debt consolidation. Because we do not lend money like some other institutions, we are unbiased in our approach to borrowing. Our strategy is to help you get the best rate available for the lowest amount of fees.”

Client Stefan Dubowski believes that the firm is helping him maximize his financial potential. “Their attention to me as a client is exceptional, especially compared to some of the other financial institutions I’ve dealt with,” he says. “The company seems to balance perfectly the client’s need for information and support. I feel like I’m in control and — with Desjardins as a strong co-pilot — that I’m not trying to fly this plane alone.”

If you’re looking for a community-minded, client-first financial advisor, look no further than the DFS Investments Ottawa Branch, where you can enjoy a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a highly trained specialist who has only your needs and your future in mind.

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