Staff Appreciation Week at The Ottawa Hospital, in pictures

June 13 – 17 was the annual Staff Appreciation Week at The Ottawa Hospital and Gabriel Pizza was on hand to serve up some thank yous! A big thank to Gabriel Pizza, who donated 5,000 pizzas for the event.

All photos by Ellen Bond

“Staff Appreciation Week, where we take time to recognize and thank our amazing staff and volunteers for their dedication to our community is by far the highlight of my year… and to have Gabriel’s Pizza provide 28,000 slices, fresh and hot, makes it that much more special,” says Dr. Jack Kitts, CEO of The Ottawa Hospital.

Dr. Jack Kitts and Chef Gabe.

Kitchissippi resident Margot Lefebvre says: “Staff appreciation is a great way to let staff know what their hard work means, and we get to get out and celebrate together.” She’s pictured here with BIG JOE from the RedBlacks.

“Events like this are very important and it makes us feel appreciated,” say Tracey and Shauney.

“Free pizza helps build morale,” says Dillon and John.


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