Teen Tech Awards recap (a Knightwatch extra!)

The June 9 issue of KT is our annual Nepean High School Knightwatch edition. You can read it in full right here!  This article by Claire Keenan is a web extra that did not appear in the printed edition. 

Submitted by Claire Keenan – 

Videos, victories and good vibes all around, just a few words to describe the 2016 Ottawa Public Library’s Teen Tech Video Awards. Held in the Centrepointe Studio Theater on April 28, 2016, friends, family and of course teens, came to watch the show.

Teens from across Ottawa made short trailers for a book of their choice. The show consisted of video screenings, dance breaks, jokes, prizes, and of course the top ten finalists’ videos. To start off the show, the Woodroffe High School dance troupe performed a routine to a song from the A Chorus Line musical. With their great energy and moves they certainly provided a great beginning to the show!

Next, the MCs of the event, Nepean HS students Zineb Nour and Jesse Hawco were introduced. With clear pronunciation and positive energy they did a great job presenting. When asked what the toughest part of the job was, Hawco replied: “saying ‘Ottawa Public Library’s Teen Tech Video Contest Awards Night and Video screening.’” Sounds like a mouthful!

Nepean High School students Dahlia Ippolito, Anna Kollenberg, Zineb Nour, Claire Keenan, and Vanessa Ippolito pose in front of our photobooth at the Teen Tech Awards Night.
Nepean High School students Dahlia Ippolito, Anna Kollenberg, Zineb Nour, Claire Keenan, and Vanessa Ippolito pose in front of the photobooth at the Teen Tech Awards Night.

After watching all the videos and cheering quite loudly, there was an interesting intermission. During the break there were plenty of activities to do. A green screen and a red carpet were set up for those who wanted to pose or dress up. There was some movie trivia, and you could even play bingo with the other guests!

“I liked the cups of popcorn and mocktails,” said Anna Kollenberg, a Nepean High School student who attended the event.

And then the awards were given out. Seven judges were present and they came onto the floor and introduced themselves. Once the envelopes were collected that contained the winners, Jennifer Calhoun came on stage to announce third place.

In third place, Mika Coderre won for his video based on the book Sur Le Seuil by Patrick Senécal. Sur Le Seuil is based in Quebec and is a suicide mystery. Coderre’s video provided an interesting plot summary and had great effects and costumes. The third place prize was a $75 gift certificate to Best Buy and a SAW Video t-shirt.

Second place was awarded to Parnika Rajaghatta who made a trailer based on the book Crank by Ellen Hopkins. It followed the trials and tribulations of a teenage girl. Her video showed great perspectives and represented a thorough summary of the book. The second place prize was a $150 gift card to Best Buy and a SAW Video t-shirt and handbook.

Then it was time for first place! The best video of the night was awarded to Ian Kemp, a grade 12 student from Nepean High School. With the help of his friends, Max Sandler and Hannah Zhang, he made a movie trailer for the popular children’s book Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. When asked what his favourite part of making the video was, he replied, “The scenes involving the cat made for an interesting challenge. Filming with pets can be frustrating (and potentially dangerous!), but when you pull it off the result is a big hit with the audience.” Ian won an Apple iPad mini, a Saw Video t-shirt, and a SAW Video workshop package and basic membership.

The entire night was filled with fun, jokes and lots of prizes. Vanessa Ippolito, another Nepean High School student, said she would definitely recommend this event to others, so look out for next year’s awards and bring all your friends and family along!

Claire Keenan is a student at Nepean High School and a member of the Ottawa Public Library Teen Advisory Board.



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