Westfest spotlight: Duo D’Accords

By Judith van Berkom – 

Duo D’Accords, which translates as The Two Who Agree with One Another or the Two Who Play Chords, is made up of Malcolm Lhombreaud on an “ancient” guitar he’s had since he was a teen and Pierrick Le Monnier on multiple guitars and ukuleles. They both sing as well.

Malcolm and Pierrick are both from France and compose the music to go with the lyrics. Songs are mostly in French. Malcolm explains that he’s a disaster with lyrics but that Pierrick is a lover of the French language. The two met when their respective son and daughter had joined a choir in lower grade school. Each week for the past 15 years, they play music together, alternating in each other’s homes. Malcolm is a Kitchissippi man, Pierrick lives in Sandy Hill.

During the day, Malcolm works for the government in IT. Pierrick is a primary school teacher. They mostly play for themselves, however, Malcolm travelled to Uganda last year with his wife, Michelle Savard, who had come up with the idea of supplying a primary class with laptops. Twenty-three laptops were installed in the classroom but only worked sporadically because of unreliable electricity. This led to a fundraising concert at Café Nostalgica, for solar panels to generate the electricity needed to operate the laptops. Duo D’Accords has also played in Hintonburg last year as part of Ottawa PorchFest Musical Festival.

“The Westfest side of it is interesting,” explains Malcolm. “I used to live at 583 Tweedsmuir and very often would bring home friends and we’d jam together. One of those friends – he’s just retired – is in charge of all the festivals for the City of Ottawa. He plays harmonica. He knew Elaina and told her he played harmonica – he actually said ‘I have a band’ and that’s how we came to play at Westfest.”

Malcolm and Pierrick will be joined by Malcolm’s son, Joseph, on double bass and Aldo Chiappa on harmonica. The music is mostly acoustic.

Duo D’Accords’ Malcolm Lhombreaud, Aldo Chiappa, and Pierrick Le Monnier. Photo by Judith van Berkom

Malcolm’s family is very artistic. His mother sang and played piano; there was always music in the house growing up. His son, Joseph, didn’t take to the guitar initially, but finally settled on the bass as his instrument of choice after having tried out a variety of instruments. Joseph spent the last year out west studying how to make instruments.

At Westfest, they will follow a female solo artist, Yaa-Hemaa, who Malcolm describes as having a beautiful voice. Duo D’Accords opened for her in last year’s PorchFest.

Duo D’Accords will play Westfest on Sunday, June 5. Check the schedule at westfest.ca for details.



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