Sponsored: Local meets global at Herb and Spice

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As it celebrates its 44th year, West Wellington’s perennially popular food shop, the Herb and Spice, owes much of its success to keeping up with changing times. Throughout the store’s existence, theirs has been a story of adaptation. The knowledgeable team has always listened to their customers and varied the offerings based on what people want to cook and eat.


A question the Herb and Spice likes to pose is: what does local mean to you? As a passionate supporter of local food producers, the Herb and Spice has almost two dozen local farms delivering produce to its doors every week in season, in addition to local bakeries, dairies and cheesemakers. Its primary role is to get fresh food to people quickly and effectively, making it easy for people to follow through on their desire to support local farmers and producers. The Herb and Spice’s produce buyer, Guy Price, who has been working with the shop for over 30 years, spends many hours each week out visiting farms and area farmers’ markets to facilitate this.

While the Herb and Spice maintains a steadfast focus on local foods, it also has an internationalist outlook, bringing in the finest specialty produce from around the world as well as a fabulous selection of grains, pulses, spices, coffees and so much more  As the stores shelves can attest, Ottawa is an extremely cosmopolitan city when it comes to food.

The Herb and Spice’s strong Facebook presence is another aspect of its commitment to keeping up with the times. Regular posts, complete with vibrant photos, highlight the immediacy of its products and are a great way for customers to know what just arrived in store. Follow them to get all the freshest news!

The Herb and Spice Shop
1310 Wellington St. W.
Ph | 613-722-5747
FB: TheHerbandSpiceShopWellingtonWest

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