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Life moves quickly these days, and work, family activities, and running a household can be hard to balance. Dr. Liang Dai, head of the Hampton Wellness Centre, knows that when things get too busy, that can mean trouble for the human body.

Dr. Liang Dai of Hampton Wellness Centre
Dr. Liang Dai of Hampton Wellness Centre

“Throughout our lives, there’s lots of stress,” he says. “Those stressors come in, but our body only has a few ways to express them, and one of the ways is through pain.”

The clinic offers many different services that help patients find the course of treatment that works best for their own body. Dr. Li’s goal is to relieve pain immediately through chiropractic, naturopathic, and massage therapies, but also to find a plan that keeps clients healthy and happy going forward. It’s as much about prevention as it is relief.

“Right now, in the health care system that we have, a lot of it is reactionary – you get hurt, so you go see the doctor,” Dr. Li says. “What we try to do is instill more of a preventative measure, and try to inform patients that there is a whole different paradigm of health care where you are being seen before you’re sick, before everything starts to fall apart. It’s sort of like maintenance for a car.”

Besides the basics, Hampton Wellness Centre offers a variety of treatment options, including Neuro Optimization – a gentler approach to spinal adjustments that works well for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional chiropractic. There’s acupuncture, a natural pharmacy, Cold Laser Therapy, orthotics, and a holistic nutritionist available at the clinic, and free monthly workshops on topics such as nutrition, environmental hazards, and healthy posture (especially great for desk sitters) are available to the public. This wide variety of services means relief, maintenance, and wellness are possible for a broad range of patients.

Soon the clinic will also offer functional medicine, which aims to uncover and treat the underlying causes behind a variety of chronic conditions, and concussion management, which will allow doctors to take a baseline reading for use in evaluating future injuries by athletes in contact sports. It’s all part of a whole body approach to taking good care of Kitchissippi residents.

Hampton Wellness Centre
1419 Carling Avenue, Suite 209
Ph |  613.761.1600

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