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Established in 1981, NutriChem is a leading-edge compounding pharmacy, offering patients effective personalized solutions to the traditional way of treating illness. A leader in limiting the use of drugs, NutriChem has been helping people worldwide for over 30 years with health issues such as menopause, depression, cancer, pain management, Down Syndrome, and more.

Alexandra Laureys, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, in the retail store at the NutriChem St. Laurent location.
Alexandra Laureys, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, in the retail store at the NutriChem St. Laurent location.

With a clinic, pharmacy and retail store, NutriChem offers consultation services with highly-trained clinicians and also offers high-quality products that allow individuals to take control of their health and feel better.

Retail Store

NutriChem’s retail stores are unique, carrying professional and economical vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplement lines. NutriChem also has its own line of pharmaceutical-grade compounded products using only the best ingredients sourced from around the world. Due to many customers with sensitivities, NutriChem ensures its entire line of products is gluten-free and tries as best possible to avoid other common allergens such as dairy, shellfish, and nuts.

Holistic Nutritionists and Health Counsellors are available to share their knowledge and help you achieve your vision of health.

The Richmond Road location has the largest homeopathy section in Ottawa and one of the largest in Ontario. A homeopath is always available for advice.

Sophie Pollon-Macleod, B.Sc. Human Kinetics, and Health Counsellor at NutriChem shared, “People come into NutriChem because they are not sure what they should be taking, and are looking to change their health and lifestyle for the better. Prior to completing the Body Chemistry Balancing (BCB) test, I was taking way too many supplements without really knowing what I actually needed. After receiving my BCB test results, I was given a personalized plan including lifestyle, diet and supplement modifications. I take a customized multivitamin everyday that has everything I need in it, all in one!“

Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding is the method of preparing medication to meet the unique needs of individuals, from eliminating artificial colours, preservatives, and fillers to customizing ingredients and dosage. NutriChem can even turn medication into treats for your pets!

NutriChem, Ottawa’s leading compounding pharmacy is licensed by Health Canada and guarantees superior quality, safety and effectiveness through advanced compounding guidelines.

NutriChem offers free shipping on compounded prescriptions in Ottawa.


NutriChem currently has two natural health clinics servicing the Ottawa area. Both clinics have Naturopathic Doctors and Clinical Pharmacists who specialize in biochemistry testing, hormone analysis, nutrition, herbal supplements, vitamin and mineral supplements, and more.

NutriChem Clinics are known for their Body Chemistry Balancing Test (BCB Test) which is the most comprehensive blood and urine analysis in the province. This test includes an in-depth consultation with a licensed clinician and the formulation of an optional custom vitamin and mineral formula.

Underlying nutritional and hormonal imbalances can trigger physical, mental or emotional ailments. The purpose of the Body Chemistry Balancing test is to discover what biochemical disparities may exist in a person’s constitution. These cellular inconsistencies may be the root cause of numerous unwanted physical, mental, or emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritability, chronic infections, and infertility.

A NutriChem Clinician will review the test results with patients. During this consultation, dietary and lifestyle recommendations will be made. An optional custom compounded multivitamin and supplement formula will be exclusively designed to correct the biochemical disparities revealed by the BCB Test.

Consultations without the BCB Test are also available with professional clinicians.

Kent MacLeod is the founder and CEO of NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy and Clinic.  Kent has over 30 years of experience in a clinical setting. He has a focus in pain management and depression.

Grace Meehan is a Clinical Pharmacist and Certified Menopause Practitioner who offers thorough hormone testing to women experiencing perimenopause and menopause.

Tanya Manikkam is one of Ottawa’s leading Naturopathic Doctors. She has a special interest in Mental Health including Depression, Anxiety and PTSD, as well as women’s health.

Laura Simpson is a Holistic Nutritionist and Culinary Expert offering nutritional counselling and meal planning.


Education is an important piece of the wellness puzzle.  NutriChem also offers regular webinars on varying topics to ensure that their customers have access to the most up-to-date information on topics ranging from how nutrition impacts ADHD to managing symptoms during perimenopause.

NutriChem Personalized Health Solutions
1303 Richmond Rd.
1185 St. Laurent Blvd.
Ph |  613.820.4200
Twitter: @NutriChem
Facebook: NutriChemOttawa

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