Captain Dan is back!

Champlain Park residents and local history buffs may remember Christine Jackson’s research into Daniel Keyworth Cowley, a riverboat captain who died in 1897.

Jackson lives on Cowley Avenue in Champlain Park. Nearby streets carry the names Daniel and Keyworth Avenues, named in honour of Captain Dan, who settled with his wife and 11 children in a Manor House just west of Island Park Drive and Richmond Road in the 1860s. In 1903, one of the captain’s sons honoured his father by naming streets after him in the Riverside Park subdivision he was creating. The area was later renamed Champlain Park.

Jackson has now completed her third article in the series. “The Cowley Saga – Part 3: Back to the Beginning” is a closer look at the English origins of the Cowley family. It was recently published this month in  Anglo-Celtic Roots.

This chapter takes the history of the Cowley family back into the 1500s and 1600s in Derbyshire, England where they lived as yeoman farmers and lead miners.

The new chapter, as well as the two previous ones, have been posted on the Champlain Park Community Association website.

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