Kitchissippi Q&A – about a musical addition to the neighbourhood

Hello Kitchissippi Times!

I think the new (old?) piano in Westboro is a really neat addition to our neighbourhood. Can you tell me more about it?


Many of us saw the piano being painted – and played – during Westfest. Anyone is welcome to tickle the ivories as long as the tarp has been removed. Even though a handful of the keys aren’t working, it is still a remarkably satisfying endeavor. (I have had ample time to practice my rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.)

It was GGFL Chartered Accountants who sponsored the Westboro BIA to get the piano. The piano was sourced from a local not-for-profit initiative, Pianos in the Park, run by Nicholas Pope. Faith Pickles, who’s in charge of programming for Winston Square, says Pianos in the Park is an “amazing organization” with other pianos in Carp and the Sparks Street pedestrian mall. She also says Pianos in the Park will be storing the piano in the winter and will take care of any repairs or tune-ups that it may need.

The Westboro BIA is in charge of the piano overall, but Dairy Queen has taken the responsibility of covering it with a tarp at night and uncovering in the morning.

Thanks for your question!

Andrea Tomkins,

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