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We’re getting to know our neighbours! People on Preston? is a collection of street portraits and short interviews with merchants, residents and patrons who live, work and play on Preston Street. There will be six new stories each week. Click on an image below, or click here to see all of the People on Preston stories in one place.



Steve Moffatt

“I joined Waterford Property Group after running my family’s real estate holding company for almost 30 years. I’d been talking to Waterford’s ownership on and off over the years about this position.” (Read More)



Sala San Marco-WEB (1)
Tony and Maria Zacconi

My parents opened Sala San Marco opened when I was 11. That was my first job. I’ve worked here basically my whole life. I opened a restaurant across the street; La Vecchia Trattoria. That’s where I met my wife.”(Read More)



Michael Powell-WEB (1)
Michael Powell

“I’ve been in the neighbourhood since 2010. We were able to find a newer home, but one that was affordable and on a quiet residential street. We moved in the same day that Bluesfest was starting up.” (Read More)



Eric Darwin-WEB
Eric Darwin

“My father grew up near Christie and Bronson along with his seven sisters in a three-bedroom house. With his parents, grandparents and the dog. So it was crowded. Little Italy was his stomping ground. He has stories of fishing in Dow’s Lake. “ (Read More)



Caroline Schmitz-WEB
Caroline Schmitz

“I’ve been living on Preston for almost two years. The girl that I moved in with originally has lived on Preston for a while and she loves it. So she kind of convinced me to live here. I work just around the corner.” (Read More)

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