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We’re getting to know our neighbours! People on Preston? is a collection of street portraits and short interviews with merchants, residents and patrons who live, work and play on Preston Street. There will be six new stories each week. Click on an image below, or click here to see all of the People on Preston stories in one place.



Barry Hobin - WEB
Barry J.Hobin

“My dad was a general contractor, so I grew up on construction sites. It’s an idea my dad planted in my head. He said, ‘Art’s a big thing with you, you’re good at math. Maybe consider architecture.’ I graduated and five or six years later, decided to go into practice for myself.” (Read More)



George Brook-WEB

George Brook

“We ended up in the neighbourhood almost by chance. We really didn’t know quite where we were moving but quickly realized, once we were here, that we couldn’t imagine living someplace else. We have a fantastic little half block here. It’s full of families.” (Read More)



Brian Murray

“Sakto Corporation began construction on Preston Square in 1988 and opened our doors in 1990. If you know the market at all, the early nineties were a struggle for the commercial real estate market.”  (Read More)


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