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We’re getting to know our neighbours! People on Preston? is a collection of street portraits and short interviews with merchants, residents and patrons who live, work and play on Preston Street. There will be six new stories each week. Click on an image below, or click here to see all of the People on Preston stories in one place.



Lori_Mellor_BIA_WEB (1)
Lori Mellor

“This is the most exciting career I never knew existed. It combines so many different skill sets. I came from office furniture sales, then I went into marketing and communications in a high tech company in Toronto.” (Read More)



Arturo Brisindi

“I’ve been playing the drums for about half my life. That was my main instrument when I played with my band, My Dad vs Yours. I discovered vintage synthesizers in the mid-90s when I was around 17.” (Read More)



Roca Homes-WEB (1)
Roberto Campagna

“The site of our office is where my grandparents lived years ago. I spent a lot of time playing here. There’s a lot of nostalgia in these walls. I think everything that’s happened to date and everything that’s planned for the future on Preston is phenomenal. It’s a very unique neighbourhood with tons of potential.” (Read More)



Theresa Redmond-WEB (1)
Theresa Redmond

“We moved in about four years ago. We’d been living on Lebreton Flats and wanted more of a village; a community. The houses are just the right size; with good sized yards; not the McMansion type of thing. It’s a human scale neighbourhood, which is hugely appealing.” (Read More)



Italcan Video-WEB
Joe Lofaro

“I started to become interested in video way before VHS came out. I bought my first TV camera and recorder in July 1971. I still have it here.” (Read More)


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