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We’re getting to know our neighbours! People on Preston? is a collection of street portraits and short interviews with merchants, residents and patrons who live, work and play on Preston Street. There will be six new stories each week. Click on an image below, or click here to see all of the People on Preston stories in one place.


Eric Diotte
Eric Diotte

“I’ve always loved food. My grandma and grandpa always did big family meals. I first got more serious when I started working as a line cook for a friend at a French restaurant. My first dish was chicken cacciatore. I cooked a big family meal and changed the recipe; made it my own.” (Read more)


Donna Fornelli

“I began yoga classes in 1968 at the YWCA in Victoria, B.C, where I was introduced to the Iyengar style of yoga and I knew I was clearly on the right path. BKS Iyengar developed a method of yoga that is precise, clear and at the same time dynamic. Because of the stability and precision, the elderly and those with health challenges can participate.” (Read more)


Melyssa Rondhuis

“My mom would say I was the weirdest kid. I’ve never really been one to follow suit, which is surprising because my dad was in the military. I was into piercings and tattoos. I tried to get tattoos before I was old enough.” (Read more)


Sarah Parmenter and Dan Ricetto

“When I was a student at chiropractic school I had an injury to my lumbar disc. I found a very gentle technique that made all the difference for me. This is the technique I’ve brought into my practice. It’s different than what you would think of as more traditional chiropractic. I think of it as gently coaxing the body back into place.” (Read more)


Elena and Victor Mazzola

“For 22 years we’ve been preparing meals in a Canadian style for kids with Mazzola Enterprises. So now we have a very big business serving kids food at lunchtime. We also created a foundation to help kids who can’t pay for the lunches.” (Read more)

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