Sponsored: Give your wedding the Royal treatment


When it comes to planning your wedding, few decisions will be as important as making sure you choose the right venue for such an elegant and memorable occasion. You deserve the wedding you’ve always dreamt of—so why not give it the Royal treatment?

For the newly engaged, it’s not long after you say “Yes” to the big question that you begin to find yourself stressing over how little time you have left before the day you say “I do.” With many things to iron out in the coming months, choosing the right wedding venue will likely be one of the first major decisions you will make.

If you’re planning to get married in a metropolitan area you’ll quickly find you have near infinite options for venues. Hotels, conference halls, churches, vineyards, parks and golf courses are just some of the many options that exist in the Ottawa-Gatineau region alone. In the end, making the right choice often comes down to your vision as a couple, your budget, and, in many cases, the influence of your family and soon-to-be family members.

Look at the big picture and think logistics.

In the beginning, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of choosing a venue, but remember to ask yourself a few questions first: How many people will this venue seat? Are there any accessibility issues for any of my guests? In the early stages of planning it may not be possible to have a confirmed list of guests to your wedding, so it’s important that, as a couple, you decide on an invite list before you book your venue so that you have a guideline of the maximum number of people (and their guests!) who could be attending.

Finding a venue that offers you a dining room for a sit-down meal as well as ample space for a cocktail reception is also an important consideration. In addition, if your wedding is in the summer, be sure to visit the venue in the summer in order to get the full experience. For out of town guests, look into hotel accommodations. Does the venue have on-site accommodations, or is there a nearby hotel that you can arrange preferred rates for?

When it just “feels right.”

Ask any couple about choosing a venue and sometimes “it just feels right.” For many couples, that’s all that truly matters—the rest is just details. As long as you are within budget and the location offers the sorts of amenities you’re looking for, you’re in the clear. Better yet, if you have an idea as to your wedding theme before you shop for a venue, you’ll be in an even better position to find a place that already has some of the style that suits your wedding theme.

The “Royal” treatment is all about the details.

Let’s face it: the details matter—from table design, menu and décor to the experience of the wait staff. Save yourself time, stress and money by choosing a venue that offers full-service event coordination, such as The Royal Ottawa Golf Club, which offers free parking for guests; linens, tables and chairs to seat 20-175 guests; separate cocktail space for up to 400 guests; creative and personalized menus crafted by the club’s Executive Chef; audio and visual equipment; and attention to every detail from the ceremony to reception.

The Royal Ottawa Golf Club is the ideal venue for couples looking for a combination of old world charm and modern day refinement that is unmatched by any other venue in Ottawa. The club’s dramatic scenery, velvety green fairways, spacious entrance, gorgeous fireplaces and the grand staircase will serve as the backdrop for you to create memorable photos while your guests mingle in one of the club’s elegantly decorated cocktail reception areas.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, you can make use of The Royal Ottawa Golf Club’s Event Coordinator, who can help address all the details and handle day-of coordination and take down.

The Royal Ottawa Golf Club has been Ottawa’s premier golf and full-service event destination since 1891. To learn about event bookings, visit rogc.com/weddingsandevents.

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