Letter to the Editor: Valentine fundraiser a big hit at Broadview P.S.

Dear Editor,

My name is Daeva Miles and I am a grade 8 student at Broadview Avenue Public School. My friend, Stephanie Lee, and I saw other people at our school organizing cool things for the students and we wanted to do something as well. We wanted to involve the students and raise money for a charity. We decided to sell “Candygrams” to the grade 7 and 8 students. Candygrams are small bags of candy that students could buy for their friends, teachers or even someone they admire. We chose to sell Candygrams because it gives kids a chance to appreciate each other and their teachers for all they’ve done. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

 Stephanie Lee and Daeva Miles raised money for the Breast Cancer Foundation.
Stephanie Lee and Daeva Miles raised money for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

After we proposed our idea to the principal, Ms. Deschambault, we got approval to go ahead and sell the Candygrams for $2 each. Students could fill out a heart card with the name of the person they wanted to send it to and sign it with their name, or they could send it anonymously. The students really enjoyed buying the Candygrams for each other and we sold almost 200 bags, exceeding our target of 150!

After Stephanie and I bought the candy, the remaining money was donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. We raised almost $280 for the charity.

Stephanie and I really enjoyed selling the Candygrams, assembling the bags and delivering them class to class for the students. Everyone appreciated receiving their surprise. It was amusing to watch my fellow students eagerly trading with others for their favourite candy.

We would like to challenge other students to come up with their own idea for a fundraising event at their school and raise some money for a charity! It’s a lot of fun and it feels great to make a difference!


Daeva Miles

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