Cube gallery celebrates a decade of supporting local artists

By Ted Simpson –

Cube Gallery kicked off the new year by celebrating a milestone anniversary, 10 years in business on Wellington West.

Don Monet is currently setting up “one of the biggest, if not the biggest show we’ve ever done.” Photo by Ted Simpson
Don Monet is currently setting up “one of the biggest, if not the biggest show we’ve ever done.” Photo by Ted Simpson

Co-owners Don Monet and Becky Rynor have worked over the years to make Cube a staple of the local art scene and a destination in the neighbourhood for community events.

For any small business, a decade is a long time to stay open. For a gallery it can be the time needed to start building influence says Monet.

“Ten years is only long enough to establish yourself as a gallery,” says Monet. He’s spent that time sharing his love for art with the people in his neighbourhood. “I like putting art into the hands of people who love it,” says Monet. “It’s not something that you need, it’s something that you want and it becomes a part of your house that can last for generations.”

For many local artists, Cube has been more than just a place to buy and sell. The tenth anniversary show on display at the gallery features a number of pieces that are tributes to the gallery and its influence. One of the contributing artists, MaryAnn Camps, says she personally owes much to

“Don is passionate about the art itself. He will take risks for exhibitions because he believes in the art and the artist and that the work needs to be seen,” says Camps, who has been contributing work to shows at Cube since 2009.

“Don is always willing to offer guidance about my work and career,” she says. “I love our frank discussions. I can always count on him to tell me exactly what he thinks. I really like that.”

Though the staff at Cube aren’t dwelling much on the past, Monet and company are currently setting up for next month, what Monet says will be “one of the biggest, if not the biggest show we’ve ever done.”

The gallery will host a two-month showing of work from world-class Canadian artist, Daphne Odjig. At 95 years of age, Objig is one of the most renowned artists in Canada. Objig is a recipient of the Order of Canada and winner of the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts. Her work has been featured on postage stamps, on display at the National Gallery, and will be on display at Cube through February and March.

Area art lovers are invited to the opening party. On February 8 from 2:00 p.m. ‘til 5:00 p.m., everyone is welcome to enjoy the stunning display of paintings and sketching that draws on Objig’s First Nations Odawa-Potawatomi and English heritage.

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