Challenge accepted!


On August 28, the partners of Ginsberg Gluzman Fage & Levitz (GGFL),  accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the parking lot of Westboro neighbour, Avenues Garage.

A raffle was held to determine which employees would have the privilege of pouring the buckets of ice over the partners’ heads. (The winners were guaranteed this would not affect their job security.) GGFL Managing Partner Deborah Bourchier extended the challenge to all of the other DFK Canada firms, as well as all of the businesses in Westboro. GGFL partners and staff made a donation of over $2,500 to the ALS Society of Canada.

Pictured here: Sharat Gupta, Anne Van Delst, Patricia Day, Jeffrey Miller, Paul Morton, Bruce Johnston, Hugh Faloon, and Deborah Bourchier for taking the challenge! Photo by Katherine Humphreys.

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