KT summer reads: Lee Ann McLellan

Lee Ann McLellan is a woman of many talents and interests. The musician, singer and songwriter is also an event coordinator, business owner, mother, and animal fosterer – to name a few. It is fitting that her reading list is equally multifaceted.

“I’m willing to take chances with books,” says McLellan.

One of Lee Ann McLellan’s summer reads has as much to do with writing, as it does reading. Photo by Anita Grace.

She reads a lot about music, musicians, instruments and recording. But the Wellington West resident also likes to pick up books and magazines about many other subjects that interest her.

“My daughter is 16 now, so I’m reading a book about the teenage brain and how it works.”

And since she has been fostering rescued animals for over two years, McLellan also browses books on animal behaviour.

“I read a little every day,” she says, “usually before bed as I’m winding down.”

When asked about titles that have really stuck out for her, McLellan chooses The Catcher in the Rye. She first read J.D. Salinger’s novel in high school, but has periodically returned to it several times since. “I felt like it was talking right to me,” she explains. “I felt involved.”

Lately, McLellan has been focusing her attention on The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. This international bestseller is designed to inspire creativity. But McLellan says it does much more.

“It forces you to get out of your comfort zone,” she says, explaining that it reminds her to rediscover the things that make life interesting and enjoyable.

“It’s making me think outside the box,” she adds. “I’m doing things I wouldn’t ordinarily do.”

The book comes with many exercises and recommendations. Central to these are “morning pages.”

“You write anything, whatever comes to mind, right when you get up,” McLellan explains. She has been faithfully writing her morning pages for over four months.

She credits this practice for ending what has been a decade of struggling to write new songs. “I’ve pulled bits from my morning pages into songs,” she says. “I’m getting to the good stuff.”

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