Steps to great literature

Kitchissippi artist Tara Tosh Kennedy with her sons Liam and Finn. Their new front stairs have inspired summertime reading and great conversations in the neighbourhood.? Photo by Duane Kennedy.

Tara Tosh Kennedy was trying to find an interesting way to spruce up her front steps, and decided to use them as a way to pay homage to great literature.

“I saw the idea on the internet, where a library had done it with children’s books, leading up to the children’s area of the library,” says Kennedy. “I did it with some of my favourite books – modern classics that lots of people have read.”

Kennedy, who lives on Hilson Avenue south of Byron, encourages onlookers to stop and look. She’s happy to report that it’s already generated some great conversations.

“People have been looking,” says Tosh. “I’ve had a few unexpected discussions about books that changed their lives. People look at it like a checklist of suggestions: Read it… Read it… Oh I should try that one … and read the top one again.”

Kennedy will be showing her work at the annual New Art Festival, which will be taking place in the Glebe on June 21 and 22.


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