Ottawa School Breakfast Program launches new fundraising campaign

The Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) has partnered with Francesco’s Coffee and a number of local businesses to raise funds for its Ottawa School Breakfast Program.

For the next six months, many Ottawa stores including Kitchissippi’s Thyme and Again, Fab Baby Gear, Piggy Market, and the Village Quire, will be selling bags of locally roasted coffee. Six dollars from each bag go directly to the program. It takes one dollar to feed a child.

“This program creates a sustainable solution where the business community can really join together and contribute to the community at large,” says Sheila Whyte, owner of Thyme & Again. “We are excited to partner in an initiative to bring breakfast to our children.”

ONFE needs to raise nearly $500,000 in the local community every year to feed the 12,000 children from 154 area schools enrolled in the progam.

“We know that breakfast programs make a difference,” says Carolyn Hunter, Director, Ottawa School Breakfast Program. “Research shows that children who eat a nutritious breakfast are more engaged in daily learning, perform better in school and have better self-esteem and health.”

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