Orange Art Gallery is moving

Ingrid Hollander, owner of Orange Art Gallery, hopes local art lovers will visit the new location in the Spring. Photo by Andrea Tomkins.

Just shy of a four-year stint in Hintonburg, the Orange Art Gallery is packing up and moving to a new location.

“We didn’t want to leave this space,” says Ingrid Hollander, the owner of the gallery. “The landlord approached us and said another business was interested in our space and they were willing to pay double the rent, and we found ourselves in a situation.”

“We tried to renegotiate the lease,” she says. “I was quite shocked at the beginning, but that’s how it goes in business.”

Orange Art Gallery is well known for its representation of local artists such as Gwendolyn Best, Stephen Frew, Megan D’Arcy, and Daniel Martelock.

“We’ve seen careers progress, and artists progress since we’ve been here,” says Hollander.

Gwendolyn Best says she’s looking forward to the change.

“I’m so excited by the opportunities for artists and the community that this move of Orange to a large heritage location will bring,” she says.

The gallery, a former soda factory, has also been part of numerous charitable events. In December they hosted the Block Party fundraiser for the Philippines.

Orange Art Gallery will be moving to its new location at 290 City Centre Avenue at the end of February. It’s a larger space in another historic building, this time, “a 100-year-old bank,” according to Hollander.

“We hope everyone will continue to support us and check out the new location as well,” says Hollander. The grand opening will be taking place April 10.

SuzyQ Doughnuts has confirmed they’ll be moving into the space at 233 Armstrong. It will be a second location for SuzyQ.

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