Cupcakes for canines

February 24 is National Cupcake Day, and to celebrate, Mari-Beth Crysler will be baking cupcakes to raise money for the OHS. Tessa will be supervising. Photo by Andrea Tomkins.

National Cupcake Day is the first-ever collaborative fundraising effort supporting animal welfare societies across Canada, and it’s coming up on February 24.

National Cupcake Day entails planning a cupcake party at home, school or work, baking cupcakes, sharing them with family, friends and co-workers, and collecting donations to prevent cruelty to animals. All proceeds go to support furry friends, big and small, in communities across the country who have been abandoned, abused, or are in need of help.

Westboro resident Mari-Beth Crysler is helping the Ottawa Humane Society raise funds by baking cupcakes in exchange for donations for the animals.

“I knew I had to help out,” says Crysler. “It’s the perfect combo – cupcakes and dogs – what a great fundraiser.”

Crysler, whose family have been longtime dog owners, works as a part time dog-walker in Westboro. The Crysler family dog, Tessa, is a rescue that came from the Aylmer SPCA. This fundraising effort reaches close to home.

“I’m glad they’re around,” says Crysler, referring to organizations such as the Ottawa Humane Society. “I don’t think there are bad dogs out there, there are some who don’t get a good start, and helping them in any way – whether it’s by baking cupcakes or bringing one into your home – is a good thing.”

Crysler, who describes herself as an avid baker, says she had a “lightbulb moment” when she was walking Tessa. She kept her fundraising manageable by sending her request to a small circle of friends and neighbours. In return for their donations, she’ll be baking, decorating, and delivering cupcakes to everyone who contributed to her effort. She’s set to bake dozens of cupcakes, and will be enlisting her children to help.

“It’s a great way to teach your kids about giving back to the community and doing something nice to help out those in need,” says Crysler.

Can’t bake? No problem. Kitchissippi residents can visit the Cupcake Lounge on February 24. In support of National Cupcake Day, the Cupcake Lounge will be donating all profits for that day to the Ottawa Humane Society.

“So many people love baking – and cupcakes in particular – as well as their pets that we think this is a pretty good opportunity to do some good,” says Bill McGuinness of the Cupcake Lounge.

“As a retail bakery specializing in cupcakes with two Ottawa-area locations in both Westboro and the Byward Market, we were well positioned to help and so agreed to the Ottawa Humane Society’s request,” he says. “This was an easy decision. We have been supporting the Ottawa Humane Society for years and love animals.”

Anyone who enjoys baking and is interested in supporting animal welfare organizations can register online at or


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