Kitchissippi Q & A: The race for space

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Q: I’m in charge of a local non-profit group and I’m on the look out for cheap meeting space somewhere in the neighbourhood.  Can you help?

Mr. Spacey

A: Thanks for your question Mr. Spacey. It’s always a challenge for community groups to find room to meet and host events. You didn’t mention what kind of budget you have or the size of your group, but there are a few options in the area that don’t involve having to hunker down at the local coffee shop. I’d look into these places:

  • Churchill Seniors Centre (345 Richmond Road)
  • Dovercourt Recreation Centre (411 Dovercourt Avenue) Dovercourt also runs the McKellar Field House, and there’s space available there too.
  • Hintonburg Community Centre (1064 Wellington St West)
  • Fisher Park Community Centre (250 Holland Avenue)
  • The Champlain Park fieldhouse (which is located off Cowley Avenue) is owned by the City of Ottawa but the scheduling has been delegated to the local community association and its volunteers.
  • MEC (366 Richmond Road) has a community meeting room that can accommodate small groups. It’s available to local outdoor clubs, ENGOs, or NGOs that have a similar mandate as MEC. Use of the room is free, but it’s recommended you contact them at least a month in advance because the space books up quickly.
  • The Westboro Legion has reasonably-priced meeting space, and catering!

You could also consider checking out your neighborhood churches to see if they offer inexpensive meeting space for your group.

I recently had a tour of St. George’s Parish in West Wellington. It’s tucked away on Piccadilly Avenue, which makes me think that a lot of people might not even know it’s there. St. George’s recently completed a massive renovation that was officially unveiled in July; good news for parishioners as well as the larger community.

Georges Bouliane, the Parish Manager at St.George's Parish. Photo by Andrea Tomkins.
Georges Bouliane, the Parish Manager at St.George’s Parish. Photo by Andrea Tomkins.

Part of the reno included a lot of new meeting and gathering space that is now available for one-time use (such as fundraisers) or for regular bookings (like a yoga class). The space is used by all kinds of different folks; including Highland dancers, practitioners of Tai Chi, religious groups of different denominations, and arts and musical groups.

“There aren’t a lot of spaces available in the area,” says Georges Bouliane, the Parish Manager. “We have a great facility that’s just waiting to be used by the community.”

Email Georges at for rental information (costs haven’t been uploaded to the website at yet, but it’s coming). If you mention you’re a non-profit group you’ll get a deal on the rental too.

Good luck,

– Andrea Tomkins, Editor




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