Share the love and tweet your bazaar finds

Holy Christmas Batman!

One glance at KT’s Community Calendar (see page 23 of the paper or digital edition) reveals that we are in the midst of a full season of church bazaars, flea markets, rummage sales, and craft fairs. They are worth attending. Why? Not only can you nab some great deals in time for the holidays, but you’d also be contributing to the fundraising efforts of a grassroots group or a good cause.

Your challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to investigate one or more of the many seasonal bazaars in the Kitchissippi area. Shop, eat, chat with people, and then share the love by letting us know what you’ve found. It might be a slice of pie or a jar of homemade jam, a great book, a vintage find, or some other fantastic treasure you’ve unearthed. Tweet your photo to @kitchissippi and use the hashtag #KTbazaars as you do your rounds so we can follow along.Your tweet may also encourage others to go support their community sales and craft fairs. Not on Twitter? Email your photo to and we’ll tweet it out for you.



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