New bakery opens in West Wellington

Jacqui Okum and Claire Tomchishen. Photo by Derek deLouche.

Strawberry Blonde Bakery at 114B Grange Avenue is a dedicated vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free bakery founded by pastry chefs Claire Tomchishen and Jacqui Okum.

The bakery started out as a small stand at the Ottawa Farmer’s Christmas Market. Building on their success, Tomchishen and Okum moved into a kitchen at Rainbow Foods, and have been baking up custom orders and selling their treats to Rainbow Natural Foods, Herb & Spice and The Daily Grind Art Cafe.

The new storefront opened on November 2.


The menu includes cupcakes, cookies, squares, and bars, which are all baked with an eye towards individuals with special diets (although we’ve been assured that anyone would find them delicious).

SBB is just arriving at the tail end of a Kickstarter campaign too. For more information about the campaign or the bakery, check out their website at

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