'What's Your House's Story' contest winner announced!

Congratulations to Nicole Colbeck of Westboro who will hear the full story of her 1925 home and its move – possibly by horse-drawn flatbed – to its current Westboro location from local Houstalgia historian, David Allston.

Thank you to everyone who entered. The creative entries are proof that homes in Kitchissippi have almost as much character and charm as their residents. Here’s a taste of some of our favourites:

Neighbourhood: McKellar Park
Age of house: 1915-1925.
“We originally thought it was built in the 20s because of some of the architectural features but recently we did a reno and there was a newspaper in the wall from 1917, with a headline of the execution of Mata Hari.”

Neighbourhood: Westboro Beach
Age of house: probably 1957.
“The tree on the front lawn is a bitternut hickory and the city forester says that it could only have grown under the canopy of an old growth forest.”

Neighbourhood: Westboro
Age of house: 1892. “Our house is no doubt one of the oldest houses today on Churchill (then called Main Street) … we love to believe that this house was a traditional farm house.”

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