L.A. Sicoli Masonry

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L.A. Sicoli Masonry

L.A. Sicoli Masonry

Known for their European craftsmanship, L.A. Sicoli Masonry has a reputation for quality work as well as extraordinary customer service. Luciano Sicoli believes a job well-done means a job that will last for years to come. “We provide all our customers with the same high level of craftsmanship and dedication that we have for our work, which in turn leads to very satisfied customers.”

In addition to placing the needs of their customers first, L.A. Sicoli Masonry is known for their ability to restore the brickwork in older homes and making “the new look old” by selecting the proper colour of mortar that blends in perfectly with the original work. In addition to brickwork, they also offer chimney repair, parging for houses, window sill repair, levelling interlock, and other custom stonework.

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