Category: Humans of Kitchissippi

HOK #27: Natasha Kyssa

Meet Natasha Kyssa. “I have lived in the Kitchissippi area since August 2014. Before that, I grew up and lived in the Glebe. I noticed that the things I loved about that area were disappearing. I love the Kitchissippi area because of its eclectic nature, its small businesses, its […]

HOK #26: Brayden May

Meet Brayden May.  “I was born in Peterborough, but have lived in Ottawa for the past 13 years right here in Hintonburg. I attend Brookfield High, and my favourite class this semester is cooking. In the future, I’d like to be an electrician, because I could make lots of money […]

HOK #25: Kerry Gogush Cule

Meet Kerry Gogush Cule. “I’ve lived in Kitchissippi for 20 years, after growing up and living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I love that this area is like a little village, a close-knit community, and almost like an extended family. I came here for a job after I finished my […]

HOK #24: Sara May

Meet Sara May. “I’ve lived in the Ottawa area for the past 13 years, 12 of those years in Hintonburg. I love that this area is very unique, and locally sustainable. The arts and culture of the area appeals to me and I can get everything I need here… […]

HOK #23: Jerry and Lois Nudelman

Meet Jerry and Lois Nudelman. “We have lived in Kitchissippi for 10 years, Ottawa for 20 years, and moved here after being born and raised in Montreal. We have three children, and four grandchildren. We moved here because of Jerry’s job at a local clothing company. Jerry retired three […]

HOK #22: Adam Gallaro

Meet Adam Gallaro. “Coffee is the one thing I’m good at. Seriously, it’s the one place I feel I have the ability to be myself, but also get to experience this sort of strange time travel, out-of-body experience. It’s impossible not to want to think deeper and look […]

HOK #21: Jessie Parker

Jessie Parker. “Ashcroft has been kind enough to lend us this space – first floor of the condo tower on Richmond near Island Park – to use as a gallery for the rest of this month. After that it’s being turned into shops. We have four local […]

HOK #19 – Daphne Volante

 Daphne Volante. “My mom teaches voice, so I kind of grew up in that environment. I did study music at the Royal Conservatory for a few months, but I really couldn’t afford to stay there. I’ve been in choirs here and there, but it’s mostly my mom […]

HOK #18 – Jose Real

Meet Jose Real. “Being a barber has become like a hip thing to do now, there are so many younger guys that are getting into it. It’s all about style now. Myself, I just kind of fell into it. I started out cutting my own hair, doing my […]

HOK #17 – Ben Holland

Meet Ben Holland. “Local people tend to know me as ‘the Lego guy’ but what people might not know is that I’m also a Quidditch player. About 6 or 7 year ago I was hanging out at Carleton University and found out that they had a Quidditch team. […]

HOK #16 – Kate Green

Meet Kate Green. “Even today when I say I’m going someplace, my mother worries. I travel all over the world in my work, and I have to remind her that it’s really because of her. When I was 16 years old I travelled with my parents through Nepal. […]

HOK #14 – Jasmine Joshua

Meet Jasmine Joshua. “I love soccer, it’s one of my favourite sports because it’s fun and I can play with my friends. My team is the Fisher Park Dragons. We’re doing pretty well so far. We won today and I’ve scored two goals already this season. I play basketball […]

HOK #012 – Emma Christie

Meet Emma Christie. “I started gymnastics when I was three – I’m 16 now, but didn’t go into competitive until I was eight, which is really late. Usually you would go into the ‘petite elite’ when you are around five. I had a lot of skills to learn, so […]

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