Category: Humans of Kitchissippi

HOK #62: Catherine Casserly

Meet Catherine Casserly. “I am one of those rare Kitchissippi residents who was born in Westboro and grew up spending summers at Westboro Beach. Now I take my grandkids there year round. Westboro Beach is a beautiful place and certainly has changed a great deal since I moved in more […]

HOK #61: Grazyna 

Szawlowski. “I was born in Muskoka, and that’s where I grew up. I did a Masters degree in Montreal, lived in Toronto for a while, and moved to Ottawa five years ago. I picked Westboro because both my sisters live here. One lived on the street […]

HOK #60: Claudia Arizmendi

Meet Claudia Arizmendi. “I was born in the north of Mexico, the really, really north of Mexico. Then I moved to go to university in Monterrey, which is the third largest city in Mexico. I moved to Canada 23 years ago, and I moved to Ottawa. I have […]

HOK #59: Chad Erven

Meet Chad Erven. “I grew up and was born in Calgary, actually, in a little town outside Calgary called Cochrane. I moved here about 10 years ago. We have lived in this area for about a year and a half. We like this area because there are lots of […]

HOK #58: Susie Laewen

Meet Susie Laewen. “I was born in Ottawa and grew up in Westboro on Byron Avenue. I just love Richmond Road. All of my friends work somewhere along here or on Wellington, and there’s lots of bars and it’s a good place to hang out. I go to U […]

HOK #57: Ainsley B.

Meet Ainsley B. “I was born and raised in Ottawa. I like my school because it’s new and everybody there is nice, and the teachers too. My favourite subject is gym. I don’t know what I want to do in the future yet, but I think I want to […]

HOK #56: Esmaa Elmahrouk

Meet Esmaa Elmahrouk. “I was born in Egypt. I lived in Toronto for two years and have been in Ottawa for the past seven years. This area is amazing. It’s very family-oriented. I love my house because it’s very old. I love my neighbours, the schools are wonderful. My […]

HOK #55: Elizabeth MacKenzie

Meet Elizabeth MacKenzie. “I was born in Ottawa and I grew up in Chelsea, Quebec. I like the niche little shops here and that it’s a nice, quaint area. You have the river that is super close, you have access to bike paths and trails. You’re kind of in the […]

HOK #54: Jason Harper

Meet Jason Harper. “My name is Jason Harper, no relation to Stephen Harper. I was born in Morrisburg, Ontario. I grew up in the valley and moved here about 18 years ago. I love this area because it’s oozing with uniqueness. This area is a wonderful mix of old […]

HOK #51: Carole Dence

Meet Carole Dence. “I was born in Regina and spent my early years, until about six, on a farm. We then moved to Manitoba and I grew up on a farm there. I did my undergraduate degree at Brandon College, which is now University of Manitoba. I then went […]

HOK #50: Clarissa Crane

Meet Clarissa Crane. “We recently moved to Westboro and have been really impressed with the sense of community. There are street parties everywhere in the summer and fall in Westboro. Streets are closed and people on the blocks come out and connect with each other. People get to know each other during […]

HOK #49: Etienne Cuerrier

Meet Etienne Cuerrier. “I grew up in Kitchissippi, near the Bagel Shop. My family is French-Canadian and I attended school at Lycée Claudel… can’t get more French than that! When I was 8-years-old, my mom put my brother and I in Elmdale school, at that time I couldn’t speak […]

HOK #48: Shaylah Marsh

Meet Shaylah Marsh. “I was born at the Civic Hospital and have lived my entire life in Westboro. I presently work at the Churchill Senior Recreation Centre. I like the atmosphere here and I know a lot of the seniors in the area. I get to know a lot […]

HOK #47: Clarice Steers

Clarice Steers. “I grew up in northern Ontario, in Timmins. My husband and my two children moved in 1973 to Oakville, where we lived for years. Two years after, my husband passed away. I moved to Ottawa because both of my children live here, and my six […]