Category: Humans of Kitchissippi

HOK #75: Victoria Palmer

Meet Victoria Palmer. “I was born Toronto, but I grew up in a relatively small town called Georgetown. I originally came to Ottawa to go to school. I completed the Museum Studies program at Algonquin College and never left. I chose this region to live because it’s quiet and […]

HOK #73: Han Shen

Meet Han Shen. “I was born in Suzhou, China, and moved to Canada in 1993, but my parents are still living in China. Even after a few decades living in Canada, I still miss my family and my cultural roots, especially the traditional music, ancient and folk art, and philosophy […]

HOK #72: Betty Dion

Meet Betty Dion. “I was born and I grew up in Montreal. I moved to Ottawa and this area in the 70’s. I’ve noticed a lot of change in the area, first off all the in-fills, and sadly the demise of some lovely old buildings. I love that this […]

HOK #71: Linda Collette

 Linda Collette. “I bought a place in the neighbourhood in 2003. I love that there are bike paths, being close to Gatineau Park and I walk or bike to work. I lived in the Glebe when I first moved to Ottawa for a government position from Embrun. The thing […]

HOK #69: Elad Rind

Meet Elad Rind. “My best advice is don’t worry about the past, enjoy the moment, and the future will just come. “I was born in Israel, and I grew up there. I’ve been living in Ottawa since 2010. I’ve lived in the Kitchissippi area the entire time. I like […]

HOK #68: Tiana Richer

Meet Tiana Richer. “I was born in Ottawa, and grew up in a mishmash of different places like Montreal, London, England, and back to Ottawa. I’ve lived in the Kitchissippi area for almost three years. I like the accessibility of everything, the walkability of everything, there’s lots of beautiful […]

HOK #67: Clara V.

Meet Clara V. “I’m going into grade two next year. My favourite subject is math. I like all the rest of the subjects at school. For my summer vacation we are moving. This summer we went to Tim Horton’s. I get the rainbow sprinkle doughnut. I’ve gone swimming at […]

HOK #66: Dorothy Johnson

Meet Dorothy Johnson. “I was born in Nova Scotia, in Annapolis Valley. I moved to Ottawa 30 years ago, and to the Kitchissippi three years ago. I moved here because of family. I like this area. I like that it’s building up and making some changes. I like to […]

HOK #65: Vahil Reftar

Meet Vahil Reftar. “My parents were eager to start their lives as new Canadians after escaping the various dangers of their homelands: war, violence, dictatorship governments, and religious persecution. They wanted to live in a land that was safe and free, one where they could start a family. I […]

HOK #64: Courtney Mellor

Meet Courtney Mellor. “I was born at Grace Hospital on Wellington, east of Parkdale, and I grew up in Ottawa. I love the fact that I get to work in the Kitchissippi area. My two favourite places here are the Deschenes Rapids, and Mia’s Indian Cuisine for my takeout […]

HOK #63: Louise Limoges

Meet Louise Limoges. “I was born in Ottawa, and for the most part, I grew up in Ottawa, except for six years where I lived in Nova Scotia when I was really young. I’ve lived in the Kitchissippi area since 1999. I like that this area still has an […]

HOK #62: Catherine Casserly

Meet Catherine Casserly. “I am one of those rare Kitchissippi residents who was born in Westboro and grew up spending summers at Westboro Beach. Now I take my grandkids there year round. Westboro Beach is a beautiful place and certainly has changed a great deal since I moved in more […]

HOK #61: Grazyna 

Szawlowski. “I was born in Muskoka, and that’s where I grew up. I did a Masters degree in Montreal, lived in Toronto for a while, and moved to Ottawa five years ago. I picked Westboro because both my sisters live here. One lived on the street […]