Category: Humans of Kitchissippi

HOK #83: Kealey Syme  

Meet Kealey Syme. “I was born in Carleton Place, Ontario. We moved to Ottawa because we have family around here. We came to the Kitchissippi area about six years ago. I like this area because of the people. It’s pretty fantastic to have a beach right here, and […]

HOK #82: Al Hicks

Meet Al Hicks. “I was born in Margate, England and came to Canada when I was three. We stayed in Montreal for a little bit and then moved to Ottawa. I grew up in the war time housing right across from Westgate Shopping Mall. I went to Fisher […]

HOK #81: Carol Hicks

Meet Carol Hicks.  “I was born in Ottawa and grew up in Sandy Hill. It was far to move this way back then as we moved here to Hintonburg in 1977. At the time, the houses weren’t expensive. I love this area because it’s so homey, it’s like a […]

HOK #80: Angie Reshitnyk

Meet Angie Reshitnyk. “I was born in Montreal, first generation, and I moved to Ottawa in 1980. I came here and got married, and three girls later, I’m now happily a grandmother and helping out at my church. I’m a retired teacher. I taught elementary school, everything from kindergarten […]

HOK #79: Alysha Baldwin

Meet Alysha Baldwin. “I was born in Scarborough Grace Hospital and I grew up mostly in the middle of nowhere Ontario. I moved around a lot as a kid and lived on dead end dirt roads. Peterborough was a trip to the big city. I went to high school […]

HOK #78: Rachel Gabourey

Meet Rachel Gabourey. “I was born in Huntsville and grew up in Huntsville. I came to Ottawa to go to school. I originally went to Algonquin College. After a year, I wanted more of an art degree so I went to SPAO [School of the Photographic Arts of Ottawa]. […]

HOK #77: David Milnes

Meet David Milnes.   “I was born in Grand Prairie, Alberta and have lived in Grand Prairie, Edmonton, Straffordville, Manitouwadge, White Lake, Orno, Charleoia, Belgium, Ottawa, Ono, Japan, and Alexandria. Living in many different places has instilled in me the appreciation of new experiences and a wanderlust that I satisfy today […]

HOK #76: Jacob Halden

Meet Jacob Halden. “I was born and raised in Ottawa and I’ve never really left. I’m taking a gap year. Last year I graduated from Nepean High School. Next year, I plan on taking the Outdoor Education program at Algonquin College. Spending time outside has been a family thing, […]

HOK #75: Victoria Palmer

Meet Victoria Palmer. “I was born Toronto, but I grew up in a relatively small town called Georgetown. I originally came to Ottawa to go to school. I completed the Museum Studies program at Algonquin College and never left. I chose this region to live because it’s quiet and […]

HOK #73: Han Shen

Meet Han Shen. “I was born in Suzhou, China, and moved to Canada in 1993, but my parents are still living in China. Even after a few decades living in Canada, I still miss my family and my cultural roots, especially the traditional music, ancient and folk art, and philosophy […]

HOK #72: Betty Dion

Meet Betty Dion. “I was born and I grew up in Montreal. I moved to Ottawa and this area in the 70’s. I’ve noticed a lot of change in the area, first off all the in-fills, and sadly the demise of some lovely old buildings. I love that this […]

HOK #71: Linda Collette

 Linda Collette. “I bought a place in the neighbourhood in 2003. I love that there are bike paths, being close to Gatineau Park and I walk or bike to work. I lived in the Glebe when I first moved to Ottawa for a government position from Embrun. The thing […]

HOK #69: Elad Rind

Meet Elad Rind. “My best advice is don’t worry about the past, enjoy the moment, and the future will just come. “I was born in Israel, and I grew up there. I’ve been living in Ottawa since 2010. I’ve lived in the Kitchissippi area the entire time. I like […]

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